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Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals is a full time auction company and was founded in 1977 by Col. Kenneth E. Bland and wife Sherry L. Bland. Since then, our company has sold millions of dollars in personal property and real estate in Indiana. We have conducted many hundreds of auctions including both small and large estate auctions, automobile fleets, business liquidations, farm auctions, real estate, university and corporate surplus auctions, and everything in between.

We have grown and evolved into a leader in the area’s auction industry. Specializing in antiques, estates, fine arts, and liquidations, our auction house has been in operation the longest in a multiple county radius. Our 9,000 square foot climate controlled facility is situated on over 10 acres providing ample parking for our customers. Having ownership of our own auction facilities allows us to carefully and thoroughly process your property. Let our experience in the industry work for you, at our auction house or your place.

Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals also works with many attorneys, bank trust departments, estate executors, guardianships, and wealth management teams, just to name a few. Our reputation has been built on honesty and trust. Whether you have a small or large amount property let our experience in the industry work for you, at our auction house or at your place.



Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals has earned the trust of hundreds of clients both locally and from across the country. When you call us, you can be assured of receiving honest and straight forward answers of any questions you might have. Generally we schedule an appointment to meet with you to view the merchandise, explain to you your options, and then give you our best opinion on how to proceed from there. Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals will work with you to solve your needs.

Estates – Settling the estate or guardianship of a loved one is a difficult process and liquidating his or her property can be just as challenging. Our company has the experience to organize estate property, pack it and move it, market it, and maximize its value at auction so you can concentrate on more important matters. From selling vehicles to handling your real estate as well as handling the flatware and furniture, Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals have the know-how to handle an entire estate from start to finish.

Appraisals – Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals has a Masters Graduate Degree from the National Certified Appraisers Institute. In appraising, we use several databases to establish current market prices for dissolutions, estates, and for insurance purposes. Here are several examples of items we appraise: antiques, artwork, automobiles, coins, collectibles, estates, equipment, fine arts, furniture, gold, guns, jewelry, silver, rare items, and literally anything in between. We work with many local attorneys and bank representatives in settling estates. Contact us and we will give you an estimate of cost for a certified appraisal.

Two Ways to Sell Real Estate – In today’s challenging real estate market, traditional listings don’t always get the job done. The auction method of selling real estate is a great way to motivate interested buyers and create a competitive bidding environment. We will list, advertise, auction and close on your property within a predetermined period of time. No more waiting around for offers to trickle in. All prospective buyers will be motivated to bid on your property at a predetermined time and place.

Auctioning: At auction, we sell property as is, where is and to the highest bidder – without contingencies. Imagine the front of your house or business filled with bidders eager to openly, and competitively, bid on your most valuable asset. Auctions create action, and that’s what you get with Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals.

MLS Listing: If you would like to list your property traditionally using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we would be more than happy to do so. Sometimes auctioning the real estate isn’t the best choice for a property, so we are able to do what is best for you. Again, it begins with scheduling an appointment with us to come out and view the property. Then we will explain to you your options, and then give you our best opinion on how to proceed from there. We have licensed real estate broker on staff to answer any questions you might have along the way. Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals will work with you 100% to solve your needs.

Personal Property – Your personal property has value, and Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals can turn that value into cash very quickly in most cases. We gladly accept consignments for all types of items including, but not limited to, antiques, automobiles, artwork, baskets, collectibles, coins, fine arts, figurines, furniture, gold, guns, household items, jewelry, Native American items, lawn equipment, petroliana, pottery, sterling & silver items, quilts, and everything in between. So if you’re downsizing to a smaller home, moving, redecorating, or just looking to get some cash in hand, let us help you.

Equipment – Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals has sold everything from tractors to heavy industrial limestone equipment. The auction method is a great way to quickly turn your equipment into cash. Whether you’re a farmer selling some machinery, a contractor who needs to sell a skid loader, or a business liquidating trucks and machinery, Kenny Bland Auctions & Appraisals has a proven record for turning your equipment into quick cash. Please contact us with any questions you might have about our many services, we’re always happy to speak with you.

Kenny Bland Auctions &
Appraisals, LLC

Dirk R. Bland, NCAI, IAA, Owner

2546 State Ferry Road, Solsberry, IN, 47459 (located just west of Bloomington near Whitehall)

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